Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my first appointment ?

Before we start I would like you to fill out a quick form that gives me a history of the pain or problem that you are having in your body and a few other things.  I will ask you about the specific area of your pain or tightness.  I typically work in a lite room for a few reasons. If I can see the body it aids me more in how to restore it.  Having you give me feedback can help the session be more effective.  Dark rooms tend to put many of my clients to sleep. As the body relaxes and is relieved of its pain many of my clients will fall asleep even with the light on, this is good as it’s part of the healing process. I encourage your feedback before, during, or after a session, so we can work together on restoring your body.

Do I need to talk during my session ?

I encourage my clients to communicate with me during their treatments, but as everyone is different It is important to do what works best for you.  Some of my client talk alot during there session and other don't say a word.

Do I have to disrobe completely for my massage ?

Your comfort level is important and if disrobing completely ,makes you feel awkward it is best to leave your underwear on. I feel that we can get much better results when I can work directly on the hip muscle as it can relieve major nerve pain like sciatica (that occurs on the posterior side of hips and leg) or femoral nerve pain in the front of the hip and thigh. I always step out of the room, while you disrobe. All clothes and some jewelry restrict flow (or Chi) through the body, so removing them is better. Contacts and glasses are also best to remove. Hearing aids are best left in.

How can a massage help my injury and pain ?

When the muscles, nerves, organs, lymph, blood vessels are massages it help the flow (Chi) in the body. When there is no stoppage or flow restriction in the body, pain stops. I have 16+ years in massage and have worked on a multitude of different conditions in legs, feet, hips, neck, head, chest, shoulders, arms, torso and back. I have helped many through the years get relief from their pain .

Can you relieve my specific pain ?

In my 16+ years of experience, I feel I have seen most problems. Many of my clients have received immediate relief from my work, sometimes just over one session, and over several session a complete reduction in pain,  I always recomend at least a 90minute session as it is more effective, In my next answer I cover many of  the pain and problems I have worked on. 

What different problem have you worked on ?

LEG PAIN: Knee Injury, plantar fasciitis or foot pain, shin pain (splints ). ACL tears, meniscus tears. (ACL & mnicus injury can be helped by working on the surrounding muscle but surgery can be the only answer if there is a complete separation).
HIP PAIN: goin pulls, siatica, hamstring stains/pulls.
NECK & HEAD: whip lash, headaches, locked up neck .
CHEST SHOULDER PAIN: breathing problems, rotator cuff injuries.
ARMS: tennis elbow, golfers ebow, carpal tunnel syndrome, pronator teres injury .
TORSO OR BACK PAIN: lower & upper back pain, torso rotation and rib pain,

Will massage help everyone? 

Massage can help most people, but sometimes other Pain source are causing the problem.  Below I have mentioned 4 of the main pain sources.

If you have a question that you need more of a specific answer . Please text or  email me. 

h[email protected] or 310 560-8477

Pain Sources

4 Main Sources of Pain in the body
Psychological Stress - Physical Scars - Inflexibility - Blood Toxity

Psychological Stress


Psychological Stress or Emotional Stress can manifest in the body with headaches or shallow breathing but can also be felt through the body when in a stressful environment that can affect the chemistry of the body.  It is bes if people are working or living in a stressful place, either to learn ways of dealing with the stress in their life or better still, change their work or the home environment.  Massage can help with this type of Stress only temporarily.

Physical Scars 


Accidents and surgeries cause Physical scars in the body that interrupt the energy flow (chi) of the body.  The blood, nerves, lymph system, connective tissue and electricity in the body all make up the chi.  Scarring can happen through breaks, fractures, deep gashes, tears, strains, bruising in the muscle and other tissues in the body.  Deep tissue massage can bring the energy flow back and gently working castor oil into these scars. 



Tight and shortened structural muscles on the anterior (or front) of the body causes the bones to be pulled forward and out of alignment.  This often leads to pain in the neck, upper, mid and lower back.   Writing can often exacerbate the condition.  Deep tissue massage works to lengthen these structural muscles to regain flexibility.

Blood Toxicity


The main factor that causes blood toxicity is consuming food, drink, and drugs that do not support a healthy body.  Over time the toxicity builds and normally manifests as pain or the unwillingness of a muscle to release quickly.  Everything consumed will end up in the blood via the small intestine, the lungs or the skin.  It is very important to cleanse the body of these toxins.  Enemas are one of the best ways to quickly remove toxins and pain from the body (coffee, water or wheatgrass enemas).  Limiting or stopping the cause of the toxicity is very important..  Concussing E3 Live, sprouts, sea vegetables, recharges the body with power and nutriciian that it needs. Massage can be more effective when the blood is not holding toxicity.