Hunter's Focus

Massage is my passion. My goal is to work with you to repair your body, giving you freedom from pain and give you information so that you will stay pain free.    

Hunter's Massage

My massage is a focused slow deep tissue massage that hunts out tightness and lack of flow (or Chi) in your body, To correct the condition, I generally work the whole body and prefer a minimum of 90 min so I can effect the structural muscles in the front of the body. When the structural muscles are worked the bones come more into alignment and the pain cycle is stopped. Many of my clients search me out as they are needing freedom from chronic pain. My massage is strong but I work with every client to get the right amount of pressure needed to release the muscle, as too much pressure can cause the muscles to tighten, which is the opposite of what is needed. It is important that my clients always feel good about the pressure (what a lot of them describe as GOOD PAIN). A lot of my training was with Rolfers so there in a strong influence of this in my work, but without the pain that is normally assocated with Rolfing. I use Hot stones in most of my massages so I can work deeper without the client feeling discomfort. I believe that if the body tenses in pain during a massage it is working against me, so I immediately reduce pressure.

Hunter's Training

A lot of my training was at IPSB Massage School in Culver City. I graduated from the The Shiatsu Massage School of California in Santa Monica. I have training in many modalities (Deep tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, Hawaiian Hot Stones , Aromatherapy, Raindrop Therapy, Pregnancy) from many massage schools in the LA area.

Hunter's Experience

For my first 6 years  I worked at a local Santa Monica Spa called “Burke Williams”, one of the busiest spas in the Los Angeles area , where I gained  a lot of experience. Working with so many clients added to my knowledge on how to work with a large variety of people and their aches, pains, tightness, surgeries and other issues in their bodies.